To date or not to date…that is the question

When you go through a breakup and have reached the point where you are feeling good about yourself, it could be tempting to think you want to stay away from dating because of the possibility of getting hurt again. You may even ask yourself questions like: [fancy_list style=”check_list”] How can I not make the same … Continue reading “To date or not to date…that is the question”

Heartbreak Hotel…will I ever get to check out of this pain?

Going through a breakup is something every woman has to experience, however, how the experience affects us is something we have control over. When a relationship ends, whether he left or we had to leave due to his bad behavior, our hearts are truly broken. Broken because we put everything we had into making the … Continue reading “Heartbreak Hotel…will I ever get to check out of this pain?”

Is it him or me? Why your Relationship is not Working

When you are in a relationship that has become frustrating and hurtful it is normal to ask the questions…is it him or me? Some other questions that may be running around in your head are: Is this a normal relationship? Is it possible to make the relationship better? Am I wasting my time? How do … Continue reading “Is it him or me? Why your Relationship is not Working”


Stephen seemed like a great guy – he had a steady job, a rocking body and no baby mama drama. At first, Sonia couldn’t believe she was lucky enough to snag him. The first few months of their relationship was like a dream. He was attentive, he always returned her text messages and he seemed … Continue reading “Compromise-Yes…Settle-Never”

He Broke Your Heart…Not Your Spirit

Wanda’s alarm jolted her awake. She stretched out in bed and gathered her thoughts. Suddenly, the pain came crashing back. It wasn’t a bad dream, he really had ended it. She loved him so much, she was certain he was the man of her dreams, and now it was over. She buried her head in … Continue reading “He Broke Your Heart…Not Your Spirit”