The Single Woman’s Guide to a Fabulous Valentine’s Day

They say that Valentine’s Day is for couples. So what are single ladies supposed to do? Do they just sit around on the couch, watching their favourite romantic comedy? Or do they avoid the day all together? I say no, if you are a single lady you can celebrate Valentine’s Day. Celebrate the hottest, fabulous person you know–yourself! Take this time to applaud yourself for putting yourself first and NOT settling for ANY relationship but waiting on the RIGHT relationship.

Here are my TOP 3 things you can do as a single woman to have a fabulous Valentine’s Day:

Indulge. Get a little naughty. That dress or shoes you’ve been wanting to buy…go get it! That restaurant you have been wanting to try…make reservations! Need a spa day…book your appointment! You don’t need to wait until you are in a romantic relationship with someone, love yourself now…treat yourself how you would want the man in your life to treat you…set the bar high. One of my favourite quotes is from Anais Nin, “How wrong is it for a woman to expect the man  to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself?”


Love anew. We often think about love as loving a person. However there are many things you can learn to love that will bring excitement into your life. On Valentine’s Day try a new exercise class, which is a way to feel sexy and empowered. Or if you don’t want to go out and eat, try a new recipe and cook yourself dinner, with a glass of wine. What’s fun about this is that you’re opening yourself up to new experiences which is a vital step in understanding that loving and having fun is never about anybody else – it’s about you.

Show some love! A statement from Sex and the City, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with” always gives me perspective on how important our girlfriends are so show them some love! Call your friends and tell them how awesome they are. Wish them a wonderful Valentine’s Day and ask them what their plans are. And don’t just call your single friends, call your friends who are in a relationship. Instead of thinking “Why can’t I be in a relationship like her?” Think “I am so happy for her.” By changing your thoughts and reaching out to all of your friends, you change your energy from negative to positive. Celebrating your friends is a sure way to be thankful for the many blessings you do have like having friends who love you no matter what!

You see, there is no reason for you to be sad and miserable because you are single on Valentine’s Day. My relationship advice is to enjoy yourself, by all means. Show yourself a good time. Together we can put the Single back into Valentine’s Day!

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