Relationship Roadmap


The Relationship Roadmap

An online self-paced program that offers a fun alternative to couples therapy and shows you how to strengthen your relationship from the comfort of home.

Tired of rehashing old arguments with your partner or feeling lonely in your relationship? Has monotony turned your butterflies into boredom? Then it’s time to get out of that romance rut and remember what it feels like to be loved on.

I’m Suntia Smith, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Couples Therapist who uses proven emotion-focused techniques to help you fight less and connect more with your partner.

The Relationship Roadmap is the step-by-step course that shows you how to build a healthy, loving partnership based on the 7 core connection principles.

You’ll learn how to communicate your needs to your partner without getting brushed off, find the courage to love and trust without losing your sense of self, and spend more quality time together without distractions. Best of all, you can complete the program independently, and then I’ll show you how to incorporate what you learn into your relationship.

Doors will open in February 2017.

To get early-bird access and pricing, download the 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship cheat sheet for free and get on the wait list below: