The Relationship Roadmap

What Makes Love Last?

Learn how to break your bad love habits and get the relationship you want

with Suntia Smith, Licensed Couples Therapist & Social Worker.

Suntia Smith
The Relationship Roadmap Preview


A fun, self-paced guide that gives you the tools, skills and support you need to build the relationship you want—without leaving the comfort of home. (Even if you’re single right now or your partner doesn’t want to join in.)

Feel like your relationship status is stuck on “it’s complicated”?

Maybe your partner doesn’t offer to help you carry the groceries in or has to be reminded to make dinner reservations for your birthday. And that leaves you feeling like a doormat. (A little appreciation would be nice…)

Maybe you even wonder if they’re 100% committed to you. They’ll go out for drinks with their friends or make a pit stop at their mom’s, but making time for you comes down to watching TV while you wait for pizza delivery.

Or maybe you’ve been burned too many times before and your trust is broken beyond repair. Sometimes you wonder why you’re a magnet for bad relationships and what part you’re (unknowingly) playing in their fallout.

You can’t help but feel…


When you express your needs, you get accused of being too emotional or critical. You need to build a bridge between those communication gaps.


The butterflies have flown the coop and the sex has gone from spontaneous to stale (missionary again?). You can’t remember the last time you felt desired.


You feel more like roommates than lovers. Every time you fight, you both tend to withdraw or shutdown. You’ve had to let things slide just to keep the peace.


There are secrets between you or betrayals to reconcile. And the less you open up to each other, the more you doubt your commitment to one another.


You feel like you spend more time alone than together. Your last “date night” was picking out kitchen appliances. When you need emotional support, you turn to others.


You partner won’t accept their share of responsibilities and you’re constantly bickering. You can’t agree on what to cook for dinner, let alone your finances.

Sometimes you even ask yourself: “Am I settling?”

When you see people PDAing all over each other like 19-year-olds, you might think: “They’re so lucky they found the one.”

After comparing what you have to what they seem to have, your relationship feels mediocre. Underwhelming. Not so special…

If these are the kind of thoughts that are swirling around in your head, then it’s time for a reality check:

Love isn’t about finding “the right person”. It’s about being the right person.

It takes most people a lot of failed relationships to realize that, myself included.

But let’s face it. It’s easy to point the finger at our partner when they aren’t being the person we want them to be. (The kind who always leaves the toilet roll empty or still has no clue that “I’m fine” means you’re not.)

Even if you feel like relationships are your kryptonite, I want you to know…

This isn’t your fault. Most of us never had a model for a healthy relationship growing up.

In fact, many of us are terrified to repeat the relationship patterns of our parents. (Or to repeat past relationships of our own.)

Some of us are carrying around so much baggage, we have no clue where to even start when it comes to creating the fulfilling partnership we want.

And sometimes we’ve developed bad relationship habits because it was the only way we got the attention we wanted.

I get it. And this is why I want you to know there IS a better way to build the relationship you want.

Expecting your partner to “just know” what you want in a relationship is like expecting a them to “just know” what you want in the bedroom…

It’s not the easiest (or fastest) way to get your needs met.

And if all you’re doing is criticizing, complaining or nagging…then all that’s going to do is push them away and create resentment.

It’s your responsibility to ask for what you want in the relationship, speak up when something isn’t working for you, and work on becoming your best YOU so you can be a better partner.

Because when you take responsibility for your own happiness, your relationship will get WAY more satisfying.


Research shows that healthy relationships can help us live longer and happier lives

Happiness experts and psychologists tell us that our relationships are the strongest single predictor of joy, well-being and personal growth.

Extensive evidence also shows that those who live in conflict with their partners or feel unsatisfied with their relationships are more prone to anxiety, depression, and other serious health issues.

So that means it’s in your best interest to learn how to fight less and connect more…

And not when things get bad. But right now, when you’re still committed to making it work…

Or before you get into another relationship that you give months or years of your life to.

If you want to take back your love life, you have to start with what you can change: your own behavior.

The best way we can get what we want from our partners is by modeling how we want to be treated.

That means:

Asking your partner about their day

Noticing when they’ve made the extra effort to brew your coffee or help your family out

Listening to their goals and insecurities, even if your fave TV show is on

Putting thought into the day-to-day gestures that make them feel appreciated.

And saying “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you” when it matters most

Because those little things we don’t see as big deals begin to pile up when we neglect them.

We may not even realize we have “something to talk about” until one partner forgets what it feels like to be heard, validated and valued.

Until there’s so much criticism flying both ways, we shut down, withhold love, or say things we can’t take back.

Or until breakup, separation or divorce is on the table.

There’s a common misconception that you don’t need to worry about your relationship until it takes a detour or hits a dead end. And I can tell you from personal and professional experience, this isn’t true.

It’s always the small things that cause the biggest divides over time.

Right now, you’re in the BEST position to build the relationship you want

Why not create a relationship roadmap that offers directions for the journey ahead BEFORE you get lost or hit a big bump?

Now is the time to choose how you want to interact with each other…

Now is the time to learn how to explain your different expectations to one another…

Now is the time to identify the wrong turns you took in the past and reroute.


the reality is:

Relationships require ongoing effort and attention, even after you’ve found a (mostly) comfortable groove.

Real intimacy isn’t about those grand romantic gestures you see in Hollywood rom-coms, like standing outside a window with a boombox over your head…

Sprinting 5 miles to tell the love of your life not to get on that plane…

Or gettin’ it on more than a Marvin Gaye song…

The strongest relationships come from engaging in those small, daily love practices that tells your partner – “Hey, I care. I see you. I hear you. And I’m in this with you.”

So if you want a love that lasts, you can bet it won’t come from trying to change your partner’s behavior or “reigniting your passion” by booking a weekend away in The Hamptons…

It’ll come from learning how to be a more engaged, open and honest partner who knows how to communicate and fight fair. The kind of partner who chooses compassion over the shame and blame game.

And that’s where The Relationship Roadmap Online Course comes in.

Whether you want to make your current relationship better or know yourself better before getting into another relationship…

This self-paced program will show you how to start building healthy relationship habits now, so it’s far easier to get through those high stress times you might face later when, who knows?

Someone loses a job, you buy your first house, or you’re struggling to get pregnant.

You can have the kind of relationship where you…

Initiate hard conversations and get on the same page without talking on eggshells or starting a fight

Build an unshakeable trust that lets you both have your independence while sharing a deeper intimacy

Divvy up the responsibilities, so you both feel like you’re contributing equally to the success of your partnership

Go out of your way to surprise each other with that just-cause bouquet, sweet compliment or impromptu massage

Hold one another accountable to your goals and expectations without resorting to shame, blame or games

Make peace with your differences, so you agree on where your money is going, how to divide chores, or the timing of marriage and kids

Get the physical and verbal affection you crave without having to ask for it (and make sex a priority even when your schedules are crazy)

All you have to do is be willing to build it.

Most couples never understand the key elements that make or break relationships, but you’re different…

You’re here, reading about how you can put the effort in to get the relationship you want. And that gives me hope.

You’re exactly who I created The Relationship Roadmap Online Course for…

Someone who wants to learn and apply the 7 core connection principles in their own relationship (or future relationship), so it has a higher chance of lasting.

And with this roadmap that I’ve never shared outside my private practice until now, you’re getting the complete 7-step system I use to help my clients fight less and connect more.


Learn from a licensed pro.

(Not a sketchy dating coach.)

I’m Suntia Smith, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Couples Therapist with a Bachelor Degree in psychology and masters-level education in clinical social work. And my joy is helping more couples stay in love.

By that, I mean using proven systems and strategies to help you problem-solve, communicate and connect with each other.

As a trained professional, I can teach you how to attract the relationship you want AND the skills to keep the relationship you desire and deserve.

The Relationship Roadmap Online Course was my way of turning my hands-on experience with couples therapy into a fun, inexpensive and accessible program that anyone can do at home.

You see, I’ve been doing this work for a looooooong time. And too many couples have walked through my doors on the brink of breakup…or procrastinated on getting support for their relationship because they were worried about the time or financial investment.

I’ve also seen a lot of individuals who wonder if they’ve got the ‘singleton gene’ because they can’t seem to create (or maintain) a healthy relationship.

This is why I created The Relationship Roadmap Online Course to help both couples and individuals get better at connecting, communicating, and committing in relationships.

But before I show you what this program can offer you, I want to talk about some stories you may be telling yourself right now…

4 sneaky myths that hold you back from having the relationship you want

Myth #1

“I’m too busy to work on my relationship.”

Long work hours, chores and personal obligations means less time and energy for each other. You can’t imagine where relationship-building fits into your routine.

But The Relationship Roadmap Online Course includes activities and trainings that are designed to take ONE hour a week, so it’s easy to commit to.

Learn online, right from your computer, tablet or phone.

You’ll complete simple and specific exercises that help you strengthen your relationship, one step at a time.

No overwhelm. No commute to a therapist’s office. No two hour lectures.

You can complete the modules at your own pace, on your own schedule, and still get powerful results.

Myth #2

“There’s no way my partner would be into this.”

What if you’re ready to make some changes in your relationship, but your partner isn’t committed or comfortable with the whole idea? That’s normal. There’s usually one person who is more willing to take the lead.

Good news for you is: Each training in The Relationship Roadmap Online Course includes a self-reflection exercise that you can do on your own and a couples activity that’s recommended, but optional.

So whether you want to work on your personal relationship skills and introduce them into your partnership or work through the program together as a couple, The Relationship Roadmap Online Course is designed to make both options available to you.

This creates a flexible and practical learning experience that you can easily tailor to suit your individual needs.

Myth #3

“We’ve only been together a few years, so our problems are still small.”

Glad to hear it. Like I said, this is the BEST time to work on your relationship.

Let’s say you want to keep your teeth healthy. You brush and floss daily, you see your dentist regularly, and you get cavities taken care of before you’re in pain.

Even if you’re not in crisis mode, your relationship needs daily attention and care too.

Understanding the core components of a healthy relationship and how to create practical check-ins is all a part of the growth process.

Myth #4

“I’m embarrassed to get support with my relationship.”

Constantly comparing our relationships to the idealized ones we see on TV, in celebrity magazines, or our fictional accounts of ”that perfect couple” in our life can start us down the shame spiral and prevent us from admitting we have problems in the first place.

Forget about keeping up with the Joneses. (Trust me, they’re boring.)

Vulnerability is where connection, empathy, joy, love and belonging take root. And that’s the beauty of The Relationship Roadmap Online Course…

As an online program, the advantage is that you don’t have to show up to a therapist’s office in person to get the benefits of counseling.

You can complete self-reflection exercises that help you get clear on what you want and need in your relationship, even if you want to keep it your little secret.

The Relationship Roadmap Online Course combines the most powerful lessons and strategies I teach couples into a step-by-step system that’ll take your relationship from “working” to thriving.

The Relationship Roadmap Preview

In The Relationship Roadmap Online Course, you’ll receive 7 online trainings and accompanying videos that you can instantly access through a secure membership site. Each module goes in sequential order, building upon the previous connection principle, and includes:


A specific case study example explaining the rationale behind why each connection principle is vital for a healthy relationship. This helps demonstrate relationship theories and how they work in practice.


A self-reflection exercise that helps you understand why you or your partner have certain behavioral patterns, so you can evaluate how they’re impacting your relationship and adjust course.


A couples exercise showing you how to apply these trainings to your relationship in a fun and interactive way, so your partner is more likely to engage in the process with you (minus the eye-rolling and arm-folding).

PLUS get extra support in our members only community!

What if you get stuck? Don’t understand the training materials? Or need help troubleshooting a relationship challenge you run into? I’ve got you covered.

In The Relationship Roadmap Online Course, you’ll never feel alone. As soon as you join, you’ll get access to our private Facebook community where I’ll be available to answer your questions and provide ongoing support, along with your peers.

Given the impact our relationships can have on our personal health, happiness and well-being, I believe they’re our most valuable assets.

And while it takes effort to get the relationship you want…it’s not that complicated when you have a clear path to follow.

“The Relationship Roadmap Online Course helped me turn my judgment finger around, so that I could start doing the work on myself instead of just blaming my partner.” ~ Janet M.


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In The Relationship Roadmap, you’ll learn the 7 proven principles for making your partnership work:

commitment and acceptance

Module 1

commitment & acceptance

  • How to break the habit of waiting for your partner to mess up and start seeing their best
  • The secret commitment question that can make or break your relationship
  • The 6 common enemies of relationships and how to banish them in a few simple steps
  • Why relationship baggage can instantly sabotage trust and how to drop it for good
practicing self-love while in love

Module 2

practicing self-love while in love

  • The worst misconception you can have about your partner’s role in your relationship
  • The essential skill that helps you avoid being taken for granted
  • 3 common assumptions that are hurting your relationship
  • The 4-step process for separating truth from perception, so you can get on the same page
union & understanding

Module 3

union & understanding

  • The 4 essential skills for understanding your partner and how to master them
  • Simple steps for making sure what you say isn’t misinterpreted by your partner
  • The common mistake couples make when defining their union and how it divides you
  • How to create goals for your union and why you need them to feel loved and appreciated
rules to fight fair

Module 4

rules to fight fair

  • The common personal goal that’ll destroy partner equality
  • How to approach conflict from a place of positivity instead of negativity
  • The heal vs. hurt approach that’ll help you both feel loved for your shortcomings, not despite them
  • The “visual ladder” technique for deciding what ISN’T worth fighting about
communication & compromise

Module 5

communication & compromise

  • How to say what you want to say without dilly-dallying or resorting to accusations
  • The common communication mistakes most couples make
  • How to make sure your voice is heard and your partner doesn’t dismiss your feelings
  • The “win-win method” you need to use to feel appreciated and create a closer connection
trust & forgiveness

Module 6

trust & forgiveness

  • The simple 3-step process for turning screw-ups into growth opportunities
  • How to forgive your partner without letting them off the hook for bad behavior
  • A process for creating accountability, so you aren’t fighting the same fights
  • The problem-solving approach that can help you defuse anger and connect in times of conflict
sex, surprise & emotional intimacy

Module 7

sex, surprise & emotional intimacy

  • Common sex myths that leave you unsatisfied in the bedroom
  • The 3 major issues that pop up after you’re “in the comfort zone” and how to handle them
  • An awkward-free approach to expressing your sexual needs without offending your partner
  • How to create “bonding times” that boost your intimacy (in and out of the bedroom)

“The part about sex and intimacy helped me tell my partner what I wanted sexually instead of feeling like it didn’t matter. Little did I know he wanted to explore different things too! Now our sex life is what I always wanted.” ~ Jasmine Y.

The best relationships aren’t found. They’re built.

The success of your relationship isn’t determined by fate, luck, or even ”natural chemistry”. And that means you have the power to change course and create the partnership you want.

Building a healthy, loving relationship is about understanding the 7 core connection principles that create the foundations for a lasting partnership.

And in The Relationship Roadmap Online Course, not only will you learn what these proven strategies are, but how to implement them in a simple, step-by-step way that strengthens your relationship and deepens your connection.

“I’m single and have been in several bad relationships. The Relationship Roadmap Online Course helped me build the foundation for the healthy relationship I want, but in a fun and modern way!” ~ Kamiya S.

Start building the relationship you want with:

7 training modules with accompanying videos and worksheets to help you become a better partner and build a healthier relationship.

Fun and powerful couples exercises to help you co-create a vision for the relationship you want to build together and create a deeper intimacy.

Self-reflection exercises to strengthen your connection with yourself, give you insight into how you relate to others, and break your bad love habits.

Ongoing support from me and a community of peers in our private Facebook community to troubleshoot your relationship challenges.

12 Tips to Communicate Effectively

BONUS 12 Tips to Communicate Better With Your Partner PDF Guide so whether you need to discuss whose turn it is to do the dishes or what you’re going to do about your kid’s bad grades, you can do it without without dropping the dreaded “we need to talk” bomb.

30 Day Affirmations

BONUS 30 Days of Affirmations PDF to help you drop that baggage like it’s hot and move past your fears of intimacy, feel more confident making decisions that affect your love life, and find positive ways to express your emotions and work through personal conflicts.

You’ll be able to instantly access all of the content after signing up, but you have lifetime access and can go through the course whenever you’d like. Consider this your ready-to-grab relationship roadmap—and one that’ll always be available to help guide your journey together.


“This program helped me learn how NOT to talk to my husband everytime he did something I didn’t like…I relearned the golden rule: treat others as you want to be treated.” ~ Erin M.

Your relationship is your most valuable asset…

Take advantage of my 1:1 experience working with couples just like you who want to learn how to fight less and connect more, so they can treasure the love they have.

Even though relationships take work, you don’t need to feel like one of you is from Mars and the other is from Venus. What you need is a clear plan of action that helps you build the relationship you want, one strategic step at a time.

It’s easier than you think to find common ground, create a deeper intimacy, and make that in-love feeling that brought you together in the first place last. And The Relationship Roadmap Online Course will show you the exact steps to get there.

Are you willing to wait until things get worse to make them better? Or would you rather nurture what you have, so your relationship can become the rewarding and life-enriching experience you know it has the potential to be?


7-Day No Risk Guarantee

Try The Relationship Roadmap Online Course for 7 days, and if you’re not fully satisfied, you can hit me up for a full refund. There’s no risk to join.

The only condition is that you send me proof that you’ve participated in the process by sharing your self-reflection worksheets with me.

If you’re unsure about whether or not The Relationship Roadmap Online Course is for you and want more details before you join, I’d encourage you to email me directly: I’d be happy to help you figure out if this program is right for you.

You’ve got questions.

I’ve got answers.

Unlike couples therapy sessions which can cost $140/session or more, The Relationship Roadmap Online Course is a self-study program that can help you get similar benefits for half the cost.

It’s also entirely online, so there’s no commute to a therapist’s office. You can complete all the lessons in the privacy of your home.

That said, you won’t be getting the same 1:1 personalized attention and accountability as you would in a private setting.

Couples therapy is much more intensive and individualized, so it’s better for overcoming serious challenges and troubleshooting your specific relationship struggles.

On the other hand, The Relationship Roadmap Online Course addresses common issues that couples face. It helps you build a solid foundation for growth, connection, trust and communication.

This program is ideal for anyone who wants to better understand how to relate to their partner in a relationship, create daily love practices that strengthen their bond, and be more emotionally intelligent in how they communicate their wants and needs.

The Relationship Roadmap Online Course is designed for individuals and couples who want to work on their communication skills, building trust, setting goals and problem-solving as a team, fighting fair, and creating more intimacy.

ANY couple who wants to strengthen their relationship (or future relationships) can benefit from this program. You can be in a long-term relationship, a common-law relationship, be married or even be single.

Whether you’re in a heterosexual or same-sex relationship, the same principles apply. Love is love.

If you’re dealing with major relationship issues like abuse or addiction, please seek professional help and 1:1 counseling.

You’ll receive an email with your unique login details for the secure membership site and get instant and lifetime access to all of the course materials. That way, you can go through the trainings at your convenience.

You’ll also get an invite to our private Facebook community, where you can get ongoing support from me and your peers.

You get lifetime access, which means you can access the modules whenever you want for as long as you want.

You can go through one lesson a day or week, burn through them in a weekend, or create a schedule that works for you. And if you want to take a refresher after you’ve completed the course, you have that option too.

All of the training is online, so you can access the course content from your laptop, tablet or phone anywhere, anytime. Just use your login details to access the secure membership site.

Each module has a text-based lesson that includes a specific case study example to demonstrate the 7 relationship theories and how they work in practice, with guidance on how to execute these lessons.

You’ll also get worksheets that walk you through self-reflection exercises and couples exercises, so you can implement what you’re learning in your relationship and put knowledge into action.

Try The Relationship Roadmap Online Course for 7 days, and if you’re not fully satisfied, you can hit me up for a full refund.

The only condition is that you send me proof that you’ve participated in the process by sharing your self-reflection worksheets with me.

If you’re unsure about whether or not The Relationship Roadmap Online Course is for you and want more details before you join, I’d encourage you to email me directly: I’d be happy to help you figure out if this program is right for you.

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