The Relationship Roadmap

Unlike couples therapy sessions which can cost $140/session or more, The Relationship Roadmap is a self-study program that can help you get similar benefits for half the cost.

It’s also entirely online, so there’s no commute to a therapist’s office. You can complete all the lessons in the privacy of your home.

That said, you won’t be getting the same 1:1 personalized attention and accountability unless you sign up for the VIP option.

Couples therapy is much more intensive and individualized, so it’s better for overcoming serious challenges and troubleshooting your specific relationship struggles.

On the other hand, The Relationship Roadmap addresses common issues that couples face. It helps you build a solid foundation for growth, connection, trust and communication.

This program is ideal for anyone who wants to better understand how to relate to their partner in a relationship, create daily love practices that strengthen their bond, and be more emotionally intelligent in how they communicate their wants and needs.

The Relationship Roadmap is designed for couples who want to work on smaller issues like communication skills, building trust, setting goals and problem-solving as a team, fighting fair, and creating more intimacy.

ANY couple who wants to strengthen their relationship can benefit from this program. You can be in a long-term relationship, a common-law relationship, or be married.

Whether you’re in a heterosexual or same-sex relationship, the same principles apply. Love is love.

If you’re dealing with major relationship issues like infidelity, abuse or addiction, please seek professional help and 1:1 counseling. This program is not for you.

You’ll receive an email with your unique login details for the secure membership site and get instant and lifetime access to all of the course materials. That way, you can go through the trainings at your convenience.

When you enroll in the VIP option, you get unique login details and instant access to all of the course content. Then you’ll receive an agreement to sign and send back to me before we can kickoff our 1:1 sessions.

You’ll be able to book your weekly 1:1 Skype sessions with me via my online scheduler. You’re welcome to use these sessions for individual coaching or include your partner in the process.

During our 1:1 sessions, we’ll be moving in sequential order through the modules, and troubleshooting any roadblocks or personal challenges that you’re facing. This way, you get personalized recommendations and feedback on each step of The Relationship Roadmap, so you can progress faster.

You’ll also receive one of my top recommended relationship books in the mail to support your learning. Bonus!

You get lifetime access, which means you can access the modules whenever you want for as long as you want.

You can go through one lesson a day or week, burn through them in a weekend, or create a schedule that works for you. And if you want to take a refresher after you’ve completed the course, you have that option too.

All of the training is online, so you can access the course content from your laptop, tablet or phone anywhere, anytime. Just use your login details to access the secure membership site.

Each module has a text-based lesson that includes a specific case study example to demonstrate the 7 relationship theories and how they work in practice, with guidance on how to execute these lessons.

You’ll also get worksheets that walk you through self-reflection exercises and couples exercises, so you can implement what you’re learning in your relationship and put knowledge into action.

Chances are high, but this is the lowest price point you’ll see it offered at, and the VIP 1:1 coaching option may not be available in future rounds.

The plan is to eventually create video trainings for each module and make the program available year-round for instant access.

When you enroll now, you’re getting the best value. You’ll get access to any future trainings and updates to the program without having to pay any additional cost.

You have the right to a 50% refund up to 24 hrs after the program is purchased. In order to request a refund, please send an email to with your:

Name Address Date of purchase Level of program of purchase Reason for refund request

Refunds will be process within 15 business days of receipt of request and mailed to the address sent in the email.

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