Embrace Your Singlehood


Here’s all the goodness you might have missed this week on my Facebook page. This can be a hard time of year to be single so this week’s round-up will focus on why it’s good to embrace your singlehood. So, settle in and let yourself enjoy being single right now.

  1. Who says you can’t spoil yourself this holiday season? There’s no need to wait for someone else to do it for you. If you want to Peppermint Mocha every day until the new year, then do that! What gift will you give yourself this holiday?8 Gifts I’m Giving Myself This Holiday Season
  2. When you develop a fear that other people will see you for who you really are, you put up a barrier to block your true self from being revealed. In today’s post, I discuss three of the most common defense mechanisms that we wear like suits of armor along with solutions for breaking free and becoming your truest and happiest self.3 Common Defense Mechanisms (And The Lies They Help You Tell)
  3. Embrace your singlehood! Being single is NOT the end of the world. Sure, it would be nice to be in a relationship but it needs to be with the right person. Don’t settle!

    Being Single Isn’t The End Of The World

Until next week, my friends!