Determine Your Direction

When life gets hard or confusing, it might difficult to know what to do. It’s important to remember that you are the one who determines the direction of your life in even in the face of adversity. Getting what you want and creating a life you love takes courage. And remember, courage isn’t about not being afraid. It’s about being afraid but doing it anyway.

Enjoy the weekly round-up!

1. If you know your teen is feeling stressed or anxious, empathy can help them feel that you understand how they are feeling. Read more: How Empathy Is Important For Parents And Teens When Things Get Stressful

2. When is it time to think about seeing a couples therapist? Here are some questions to ask that can help you clarify if it might be time for you and your partner to consider couples therapy: Could therapy save YOUR relationship? Expert reveals whether it is time to visit a professional (and the signs you should just let go)

3. It is always easier to walk in the direction that is most common and comfortable. But it takes courage to walk into the unknown with confidence that you will succeed. It is your decision to either settle for less or strive to achieve your dreams. My book, Single Woman’s Wake-Up Call can help you find your direction and make the decision once and for all that you aren’t going to settle for less than what you want.

4. If you do one thing for yourself today, let it be that you read this article and be reminded that love is all of the ordinary things about your partner that make them extraordinary. Read more: The Surprising Thing People Talk About Most in Therapy