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You’re Only Human – And There’s Nothing Wrong With That.

You probably think that if you’re not a celeb bouncing in and out of a rehab…almost homeless…or hoarding 82 cats – you should be able to solve your own problems, right?

All you need is your BFF’s ear. Your partner’s hugs. Some time on your yoga mat or that mind-emptying meditation app.

But Hear Me Out:


  • Can’t stop replaying a bad breakup, significant loss or hurtful experience that happened in the past
  • Lose it whenever their spouse comes home late or their kid spills crayons on the floor – and then feel guilty about it
  • Keep finding themselves in love with cheaters or moochers, being pressured to cover for coworkers, or playing phone therapist with their needy mom
  • Avoid holiday shindigs because of their dysfunctional family
  • Go on a eating binge or shopping sprees whenever something in their life goes wrong
  • Feel not-enough when they look in the mirror or at their bank balance
  • Feel mistrustful of others because they’ve been burned so many times before
  • Have decided that “getting by” or “hanging in there” is no way to live
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So Let Me Ask You This:

When our emotional well-being determines the success of our careers, the strength of our self-worth, and the health of our relationships…

Why do we still treat therapy like a last resort?

Having (a non-judgy) someone on the outside can give you valuable insight. And that can help you strategize better ways to cope, reshape your emotional responses, and put into practice new habits that make you feel in control of your life again.

Individual Counseling

A Stronger Sense Of Self Means You:

  • Bounce back faster from failures, rejections and disappointments – and use them as a launchpad for growth
  • Go from victim to hero(ine) by realizing your secret powers
  • Find comfort in self-acceptance, instead of acting defensive or fearful when faced with criticism
  • Know how to manage your own emotions instead of depending on others to make you feel better
  • Say “no” to protect your boundaries and stand by your values
  • Find happiness, pleasure and fulfillment – independent of your relationship status
  • Stop waiting for someone to give you the answers to your problems and find them yourself
  • Are kinder to yourself, even when you screw up
  • Are kinder to others, even when they screw up

My Story

If there’s one thing I believe more than anything else, it’s that the relationships we have with others are a direct reflection of the one we have with ourselves.

Like so many of my clients, I haven’t always prioritized my emotional well-being.

I’ve had my share of fatherless milestones. Been my own worst enemy. And wasted time looking outside myself for happiness and for approval from others.

But I finally learned that if you don’t love yourself unconditionally, it’s impossible to have healthy relationships, make productive use of your emotions, or ever feel a sense of wholeness and belonging.

And now, I want to help you realize it for yourself.

When we work together, there’s no “some things are better left unsaid”. You don’t have to sugarcoat or sidestep how you feel to protect someone else’s emotions. You can let your heart hang out, and know your secrets are safe with me.


60 minute individual counseling session – $150

Health Savings Accounts accepted.

Come To Happy Hour For Your Heart…

You don’t have to face what you’re facing alone.

Try one counseling session – no pressure to commit.

Book your appointment today by filling out the contact form or giving me a ring at 864-559-8181.


I do not accept insurance. However, you can pay for your sessions using your Health Spending Account.”

All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Health Savings Accounts are also accepted as a form of payment.

Create a list of the current challenges you’re facing and the goals you’d like to achieve during therapy. Bring this list to discuss with your therapist and arrive on time, so we can make the most of our time together.

I provide virtual coaching, tele-mental health services, and individual and couples counseling. My clients include all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

Hey, life happens! All I ask is that you call me 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment so that I can accommodate others on my wait list. I’ll do my best to reschedule you for another appointment time that’s more convenient.

Of course – love is love, and we don’t discriminate here. I also understand that due to traditional expectations of gender roles, same-sex relationships may experience specific stresses related to lacking social support and unfair prejudices, which can complicate your partnership all the more. I’m super sensitive to these issues and here to help you find resolutions and resilience together.

While I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Couples Therapist in Greenville, SC, due to different state laws and regulations, I am NOT acting as a therapist or counselor when I provide virtual coaching sessions. This means I cannot accept insurance for virtual coaching sessions. This means the nature of the work we do together is somewhat different. In-person therapy or counseling is typically long-term, focusing on introspection, deep healing, facing past trauma and becoming emotionally healthy. On the other hand, virtual coaching is usually a short-term process that focuses on clarifying goals, transforming self-destructive thoughts or behaviors, creating practical strategies and action plans for moving forward, and navigating inner and outer obstacles along the way.

Of course! You can let your heart hang out and rest assured your information and our private conversations stay between us. We are HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliant. If you want to know how we keep your medical data private and secure, feel free to ask me for more details.