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Haven’t Fully Healed From Trauma or Heartbreak?


This is why if we avoid the hard stuff or move on without fully processing our pain, we often find ourselves repeating the same unhealthy patterns in our lives and relationships. 

We may even seek out similar experiences without realizing we’re doing it because they feel more familiar to us…

If a previous partner cheated on us, we may lose it when our current partner takes forever to answer a text—and pick a fight that leaves them blindsided and confused. If we had an absent parent as a child, we may become allergic to intimacy (oh hello, fear of rejection) or even chase emotionally unavailable partners who confirm the story we keep telling ourselves: We’re unworthy of love. If we have a history of abuse, we may slip into people-pleasing mode instead of speaking up for ourselves because we’re too scared to trigger a full-blown argument.

There are so many ways trauma and heartbreak can keep playing out in our lives, relationships, family interactions, and work environments—and cloud our judgment of what’s going on in the here and now—if we skip or rush the healing process.


Cora M.

"I must admit the truth you was telling me I wasn’t not ready to hear. But when I started to see how my life was changing when I implemented the steps you gave me, I wish I would have met you sooner."

Whether You're...

  • Tired of attracting users, abusers, liars, clingers, or commitment-phobes with all the red flags
  • Telling yourself you’re not rich, thin, smart, young, or successful enough for the love you want
  • Trying to figure out what you want and need in a relationship, so you know how to ask for it
  • Done with letting past trauma, abuse, or infidelities sour every new relationship you get into
  • Struggling to create healthy boundaries in relationships and dealing with codependency issues
  • Diving back into the dating pool after a breakup—and finding your way back to yourself in the process


You can turn your pain into power.

black relationship therapist Greenville Suntia Smith

This 4-week Soul Glow Up Coaching Program gives you the practical strategies and non-judgmental support you need to kickstart your unique healing process for traumas, so you can process your pain and face your triggers without slipping into your typical M.O.

The best part? Our coaching sessions all happen virtually via Zoom, so that you can meet with me from the comfort of your couch!

Lytasia R.

"The Soul Glow Up Program helped me in ways I didn’t know I needed. I thought I only needed to get over my ex but I found out experiences from childhood was causing me to repeat toxic cycles. Thank you Suntia for being there when I needed you most."

Jennifer S.

"I thought I had daddy issues but really I had mother issues which caused me to not value my feminine energy. The in between session messages from Suntia helped me to stay accountable."

How I Can Support You:


Glow up therapy


Wondering why you keep getting into toxic relationships or sabotaging the good ones? We’ll explore the thoughts and feelings creeping under the surface of these dysfunctional patterns, so you can drop your emotional baggage and set a new standard for how others show up for you.


Want to start loving yourself enough to ask for what you want and need? Learn how to get over your people-pleasing and perfectionistic behaviours, so you can create boundaries that better protect your time, energy, and emotional well-being. Because the real crown is in your soul, not on your head!


Feel like past experiences of abandonment, abuse, or betrayal are standing between you and the future you want? We’ll sift through the pain that’s showing up in your life, so you can heal heartache and remember that you’re more than enough.


Diamonds only shine after they’re put under serious pressure. The more you challenge yourself, the stronger you get. Learn how to deal with discomfort and start trusting yourself to do hard things, even in those moments when life feels like a hot mess.  

Soul Glow up therapy

How It Works:


After you send through your initial inquiry using the form below, you’ll hear back from me via email within 48 hours. You’ll fill out a short inquiry that tells me a little more about your current challenges to determine if you’re a good fit for Soul Glow Up!


If I feel like you’re a match for this program, you’ll receive a new client packet. Once you’ve completed your intake form and made payment, we’ll schedule your weekly session for the next 4 weeks.


During our 4 weeks together, we’ll meet weekly (virtually) via Zoom. Each week, you’ll receive a follow-up email with recommended action steps and resources to support your progress in between sessions as well as an audio recording of our call in case you want to revisit our conversation. You also will get VIP access to me via cell and text messages for those in between session thoughts and experiences!

sOUL gLOW uP Rates:

$695 due upon booking.

Health Savings Accounts accepted. Payment Plans Available.

Tasia F.

"All I can say is Self Love and Boundaries are my new best friends."

Aliyah E.

"When I started I kept going to therapy a secret, now girl I tell everybody. You saved me from going back into a toxic relationship. Free atlast 😂"

You’ve Got to Grow to Glow

Maybe these storms you’ve faced weren’t designed to crush you, but to clear your path.

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