Individual Therapy

1-on-1 sessions


A Stronger Sense Of Self Means You:

  • Bounce back faster from failures, rejections and disappointments –
    and use them as a launchpad for growth
  • Go from victim to hero(ine) by realizing your secret powers
  • Find comfort in self-acceptance, instead of acting defensive or fearful when faced with criticism
  • Know how to manage your own emotions instead of depending on others to make you feel better
  • Say “no” to protect your boundaries and stand by your values
  • Find happiness, pleasure and fulfillment – independent of your relationship status
  • Stop waiting for someone to give you the answers to your problems and find them yourself
  • Are kinder to yourself, even when you screw up
  • Are kinder to others, even when they screw up

“Very professional and knowledgable. Also very caring and never judgemental. I recommend her services 100%.”

P. M.

“She helped me overcome my insecurities and boost my self-esteem so that I could finally have to confidence to give my all in my relationship. She’s part of the reason why my marriage is so strong.”

S. T.

“Her words of wisdom have brought me a long way….. Thanks for all you do!”

L. W.

“If you are looking for the truth on how you can change your life for the better, then call Suntia.”

J. W.

My Story:

If there’s one thing I believe more than anything else, it’s that the relationships we have with others are a direct reflection of the one we have with ourselves.

Like so many of my clients, I haven’t always prioritized my emotional well-being.

I’ve had my share of fatherless milestones. Been my own worst enemy. And wasted time looking outside myself for happiness and for approval from others.

But I finally learned that if you don’t love yourself unconditionally, it’s impossible to have healthy relationships, make productive use of your emotions, or ever feel a sense of wholeness and belonging.

And now, I want to help you realize it for yourself.

When you walk into my office, there’s no “some things are better left unsaid”. You don’t have to sugarcoat or sidestep how you feel to protect someone else’s emotions. You can let your heart hang out, and know your secrets are safe with me.


60 minute individual counseling session – $120
Insurance is accepted.

Come To Happy Hour For Your Heart…

You don’t have to face what you’re facing alone.
Try one counseling session – no pressure to commit.

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