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Individual Therapy


Going through a tough transition in life or love that’s got you doubting your dopeness and fearing the unknown? Feel like you need to build better boundaries and take out some mental trash before you can slay your days? Explore how you can let go of the habits, beliefs, and relationships that have you turning down your dreams, so you can adjust your crown and get back to business with individual therapy.

*Health Spending Accounts accepted. 

Tele-Mental Health


Making time for your mental health shouldn’t feel like a chore or inconvenience. Even if you’ve got a busy schedule, tele-mental health gives you the flexibility you need to get therapeutic support on your own terms—and without leaving your home or getting out of your sweats. No commute, no stress!

*Health Spending Accounts accepted.

therapy for individuals
black relationship therapist Suntia Smith

Soul Glow Up

4-WEEK VIRTUAL trauma therapy PROGRAM

Got trauma to process, need support breaking toxic relationship cycles, or want to use past heartache as fuel for transformation? Then this 4-week trauma therapy program is for you! I’ll take you through a healing process of deeper understanding, acceptance, and awareness that identifies where past experiences are continuing to show up in your life and rule your actions.