Suntia's Latest Book

Family drama. Uninspiring job. Users and abusers.

Wake up, girl!


Discover my 10 secrets for dropping relationship baggage, overcoming the fear that you’re not good enough, and getting everything you want in life and love.

Inside Suntia’s book you’ll find:
The surprising habits that feed your self-doubt
The key mindset shift you need to make to forgive the past
How to deal with the judgers and naysayers in your life


“Smith makes her life an ‘open book’ as she courageously shares her challenges with readers. But it is through these accounts that we learn to overcome them. Smith’s message is clear: Never settle. Single Woman’s Wake-Up Call is not for the faint hearted. This action packed guide will transform your doubt-filled ‘I think I can’ thoughts into a confident ‘I know I can’ mindset”


“Your book is fabulous! I love it! Speaks right to my soul! I’m already on exercise one!”

– Amanda Dunbar

“This is a great read, very inspirational, full of practical knowledge. This book is a must for all women to remember to love oneself…always. (Bonus) I have had the privilege to meet the author and she is so down to earth, real and a great person. I can see she walks what she wrote.”

– Tia Washington

“I absolutely enjoyed this book. Even if you are not single, this book is still a must have. I gained so much insight into my current situation and I definitely WOKE UP!!!! Suntia Smith hit this one out of the park.”

– Latreka Thomas