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“We’ve used Suntia Smith’s couples therapy service not so long ago and we couldn’t be happier that we did. Me and my fiancé had some challenges before getting married and thanks to Suntia we were able to work it out fast and without the unnecessary stress. We’d honestly recommend her services to any couple, no matter which stage of the relationship they’re in. Thank you so much! A+ from us” ~C. S.

“Thank you so much Suntia for helping me and my husband get over what happened in our marriage. It was a shock and something I never thought I would have to face. You were so open and made us feel safe to say how we really felt. You really made us see why we love each other…thanks again for helping us put our marriage back on track.” ~Z. L.

“Being a young adult, you wouldn’t usually find us speaking with a professional expert concerning challenges with our life and relationships, however, I really enjoyed speaking with Suntia. Speaking to her was relieving. She’s easy to talk, which allows you to open up and to be comfortable with expressing your concerns. I felt much better after our session, as well as feeling more confident!” ~K. T.

“Her words of wisdom have brought me a long way….. Thanks for all you do!” ~L. W.

“Suntia is amazing! I love how she is accessible via email in between appointments and will email you homework! You can also check out her social media accounts for helpful hints and she has an incredible e-newsletter. She is a fabulous listener and stays on point, and keeps the appointment moving forward. Highly recommended!” ~N. L.

“Very professional and knowledgable. Also very caring and never judgemental. I recommend her services 100%.” ~P. M.

“If you are looking for the truth on how you can change your life for the better, then call Suntia.” ~ J. W.

“I don’t know how Suntia stayed calm while my husband and I argued with each other but she did without judgement. She helped us find solutions that allowed us to see ourselves and relationship more clearly. Thanks so much.”~K. Y.

“She’s one of the best counselors you’ll encounter. She helped me overcome my insecurities and boost my self-esteem so that I could finally have the confidence to give my all in my relationship. She’s part of the reason why my marriage is so strong. She’s helped my husband and I through some pretty tough times. I now know the true meaning of ‘for better or worse’ Amazing!” ~S. T.

“I called Suntia and needed help immediately for my daughter. My daughter was working with another counselor and she had not made any progress. After the initial session with Suntia, I saw a difference in my daughter. For the first time, in a long time, I had hope that my daughter would be ok.” ~H. B.

“My boyfriend walked in not wanting to be there and walked out laughing! Thanks Suntia for seeing the best in the both of us.” ~J. K.

  “Suntia will tell you the truth in a way that makes you want to change your life”  ~L. Y.

“Finding a counselor who listens and do not judge you sounds easy but it’s not, I have been to other counselors and so glad that I didn’t give up, Suntia has been a blessing in my life.” ~P. T.

“Suntia was able to breakdown my issues in a way I had never heard before. Now I don’t feel so overwhelmed…I can take it day by day. ” ~S. L.

“Suntia helped me and my boyfriend listen to each other without judgment which has made a huge difference in how we communicate .” ~C. R.

“We thought marriage counseling was never going to help, it was really a box we were going to check before filing for divorce but Suntia told us the truth about ourselves that made us realize that separation was not the answer but learning how to be vulnerable and honest was the way to healing our marriage.” ~J.S.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am in Network with the following Insurance Companies:

Bluecross and Blueshield of SC
Planned Administrators
Bluechoice Medicaid
FirstChoice/Select Health Medicaid
Advicare Medicaid
Molina Medicaid
Bluechoice Healthplan

If I am not in Network with your Insurance Carrier, I am happy to provide you with a form that you can submit to your insurance company to receive reimbursement for your therapy services.

Create a list of the current challenges you are facing and goals you would like to achieve during therapy. Bring this list to discuss with your therapist. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete the New Client Paperwork.

I provide individual, couple and family counseling. My clients come from diverse backgrounds and ethnicity (LGBT included).

I totally understand when life throws you a curve ball. All I ask is that you call me 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment so that I can accommodate those person(s) on my wait list. I will do my best to reschedule you for another appointment time that is more convenient.

Of course – love is love, and we don’t discriminate here. We also understand that due to traditional expectations of gender roles, same-sex relationships may experience specific stresses related to lacking social support and unfair prejudices, which can complicate your partnership all the more. We’re super sensitive to these issues and here to help you find resolutions and resilience together.


Emergency Information


Emergency Services: 911
Greenville Mental Health Crisis Line: (864) 241-1040
Greenville Rape Crisis and Child Abuse: (864) 467-3633