Moving Forward – Weekly Round-Up

Welcome to the weekly round-up! This week the round-up includes a diversity of items and the focus is on moving forward. We move forward with understanding our teen’s behavior, moving forward with making new choices about the direction of our life and moving forward with healing our relationships. Take a moment and think about how you are choosing to move forward. I’d love for you to share about it in the comments below. 

  1. Worried that your teen is engaging in or might engage in risky behaviors? Research suggests that there are ways you can help limit their recklessness. If you’re worried about your teen’s risky behavior, I can help. Teenagers Do Dumb Things, but There Are Ways to Limit Recklessness

  3. You always have the choice of whether to stay where you are or do what it takes to move forward. Once you make the choice to move forward your possibilities will be endless. I cover this more in-depth in the chapter “Renew Your Mindset” in my book, Single Woman’s Wake-Up Call – now available on Amazon. 
     Moving Forward

  5. Overcoming infidelity in a relationship isn’t easy but it can be done if both partners are committed to wanting to work it out. Part of the difficulty can be in knowing what action steps you can take towards healing the woulds. Here’s a good list of 22 ways you and your partner can works towards healing. 22 Ways Couples Can Survive Infidelity (From Marriage Experts)

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