Making Good Decisions

Who else is glad that spring is finally here? I know I am. Spring is such a wonderful time when the world around us starts to awaken from the winter slumber. I’m glad you’re joining me for the Weekly Round-Up. Today’s focus is about making good decisions. Making good decisions about who we want to be, the live we want to live and who will we choose to share our life with. When contemplating a new direction or making a life decision, always ask yourself how it will affect your life today, tomorrow or even a year from now.

1. Do you have emotional fluency? When we cultivate talking about how we’re feeling with our partner, it strengthens your connection and helps your partner to better understand you. If you’re single, then try to look for someone who can be emotional fluent with you. Read more: Why a Couples Therapist Says ‘Emotional Fluency’ Is Crucial for a Relationship

So how do we start making good decisions? We start by owning our power and accepting the responsibility for changing our lives. My book Single Woman’s Wake-Up Guide can help you with mastering the art of making good decisions. Now available on Amazon. Learn more:

3. When looking for a partner with whom to share your life, look past the superficial things and focus on find someone of character. Because good character is what will truly matter when it comes to someone who will love you through it all. Read more: Marry the person who will help you to the bathroom

Until next week!