Same Sex, Same Issues

I’ve said it before: Relationships are complicated. It doesn’t matter if you are married, in a committed partnership, black, white, straight or gay. Being in a relationship with another human being is rewarding…and frustrating. And quite honestly, same sex couples face many of the same issues as straight couples: poor communication, family drama, trust issues … Continue reading “Same Sex, Same Issues”

6 Ways a Therapist Can Save Your Relationship

Marriage can be a surprisingly lonely place. When your voice is not being heard, your problems are not being solved or you become afraid of rocking the boat, you may feel as though you are in this relationship by yourself. It can be isolating and disheartening, and that’s no way to spend your life. But you … Continue reading “6 Ways a Therapist Can Save Your Relationship”

Why Date Night Won’t Save Your Marriage

When there is trouble in a relationship, it is common for couples to look for solutions within something comfortable and easy: A night out. You dress up, you make reservations, and you splurge on a nice bottle of wine. Whether it’s an attempt at putting some spark back into the marriage or smoothing over a … Continue reading “Why Date Night Won’t Save Your Marriage”