New Beginnings Bring Positive Changes

When you feel like you’ve hit bottom, that often means you can only go up from there. Take time to see it as an opportunity for new beginnings, taking a different path and for making positive changes. 

Stronger Than Our Obstacles

Life isn’t always a fairy tale and we may not always get the fairy tale ending, but it’s important to believe that we always have the ability to overcome our obstacles and become stronger because of them.  

A Simple Reminder

A simple reminder that we don’t always see everything as it is when we look at it with just our eyes. When we also listen to what our heart is telling us, we can often see the real truth and understand what is truly essential in our life.

The Best He Ever Had

As a relationship counselor and coach, I hear the pain and lost hope of women after a breakup. They are heartbroken, they loved him, and they gave him their all. They are shocked that he would change suddenly, end the relationship or worse, cheat on them. Through the pain and tears, they can’t see the … Continue reading “The Best He Ever Had”