Don’t Skip Date Night

We did it! We made through another week and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead filled with jelly beans and chocolate Easter bunnies. I’m thrilled you’re joining me today for the weekly round-up so settle in for a few minutes and see what I’m sharing with you this week. The most important takeaway? Don’t Skip Date Night


1. Shaming isn’t always easy to catch. Watch this video to see if you might be doing some of these things can could cause your teen to feel shame. Could You Be Shaming Your Child Without Meaning To?

2. It’s important not to skip date night! Your commitment to spending quality time together will go a long way towards keeping your relationship alive and healthy. Date Night: It’s Nicer Than Divorce

3. Wishin’ and hopin’ aren’t going to get you what you want in life. Be confident in your power and your strength to create the life you want and deserve.