Have you put your relationship before everything else? Have you lost yourself in love? The first step to turning the relationship of your dreams into a reality starts with being true to yourself.

Some relationships can feel like a slowly rising tide. Only when you are completely immersed in water do you understand you are about to drown. You need a life raft. That is to say: After years in your relationship, you realize you have sacrificed everything for your partner, and there is nothing left of you. It is a very lonely place to find yourself, but let me tell you, many women find themselves in this exact situation.

Maybe you have given up on your career ambitions or education. Maybe you have abandoned your passions and hobbies and adopted your partner’s (Do your ideas or perspectives come from his point of view?). Maybe you no longer stand up for yourself because your partner is the sole financial provider (you have fear that you won’t be able to take care of yourself without him).

Where have you gone?

I often meet women who have lost themselves and their desires within their relationships. However, it is never too late to reconnect with you — your goals, your voice, your passions and your hopes. Trust me, it will be good for your relationship with your partner and your relationship with yourself. Without a little self love and respect, you may find that bitterness, resentment and anger wreak havoc on your bond with your partner. You will realize you have made tremendous sacrifices for your partner, and you will begin to hold your partner responsible for your unhappiness.

So instead of waiting until you are drowning, throw yourself a life preserver.

That’s where I come in. In therapy, you will learn about how having a healthy, happy relationship means being an individual within your relationship. It’s not about doing your own thing without your partner. It’s about building a space where you and your partner exist as whole individuals, where neither of you get lost and where you can love and support each other without sacrificing your ambitions.

It all starts with self love. The most powerful, vital relationship you have is the relationship you have with yourself. You cannot thrive and your relationships cannot thrive without intrapersonal forgiveness, compassion and care.

It is a courageous act to heal from past hurt and trauma, to nurture your confidence and to believe in the power of your voice. This is the courage I believe you can harness.

Ready to learn strategies, skills and mindset shifts that will help you work toward the relationship you want, a relationship that lasts? If your answer is yes! you are ready to book a session with me.