I was recently interviewed by DatingAdvice.com and was thrilled to be able share about my passion and relationship tips for helping couples maintain closeness. I hope you enjoy the article!

Marriage Counselor Suntia Smith Inspires Individuals & Couples to Maintain Healthy Personal Relationships

Suntia Smith used to work solely with women in her relationship coaching practice. She drew from her background as a social worker and counselor to deliver truthful insights on dating and relationship tips. She ran individual therapy sessions where women could feel safe opening up to her about their struggles to connect with their partners.

Suntia’s clients typically expressed frustration that their relationships didn’t meet their emotional needs, but they didn’t always know how to communicate those needs to their significant others and rebuild intimacy, trust, and love over time.

Sunita relationship tips and counselling style

After awhile, Suntia realized she was working with one hand tied behind her back because she couldn’t talk to that partner, and she couldn’t heal the relationship’s wounds without addressing both sides of the issue. She realized she needed more than individual sessions to be an effective relationship coach — she needed to add couples therapy sessions to her repertoire.

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