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You Just Want To Feel Loved, Seen And Heard – And That’s Not Too Much To Ask.

Some days, you stay wrapped up like pretzels past the alarm. Send an unexpected “I miss you” text. Laugh yourselves into tears over dinner (and wonder how you got so lucky).

But for some stretches, you lose that in-love feeling. You get bruised by old arguments that wreck your entire day. Finger-point and hurl blame across rooms. Boil in silence for days, rip your heart off your sleeve, and hide it somewhere safe.

The worst part is, even when you try to express what you need or want to your partner, it seems like they aren’t really listening (or are too distracted by their smartphone/football game/hangnails/the screamy kids to care). 

Sound Familiar?

Whether you’re having it out like Olivia and Fitz on Scandal week-to-week, parenting challenges are getting between the two of you, you feel like you’re staying together for all the wrong reasons, or lies have started to poke holes in your trust…


With marriage or couples counseling, you can rebuild the relationship you want, reconnect with the one you love, and resolve conflicts peacefully.


Rediscovering the closeness of “the honeymoon phase” – even if you’ve been married for years – while building a relationship that gives you a sense of comfort and belonging.

The anticipation of your {insert cute pet name here} walking through the door after a day at work…and missing them like crazy ALL DAY.

Working as a team and coordinating together – instead of playing opposing asides – so you can build a resilient relationship that actually gets stronger under pressure.

Having calm, honest and heart-stretching conversations that let you explore new possibilities together (and leave you feeling even more connected than those first starry-eyed dates).

Think Couples Counseling Sounds Scary Or Embarrassing?

Couples Therapy Greenville

Ok. So confessing all to a stranger might seem…well, strange.

You’re probably thinking: Oh no, what if she asks us about sex? She’s not going to ask us about sex, is she?!

But really, you have nothing to worry about. You’re not walking into a “trap”.

Couples therapy is a safe, confidential and collaborative space to problem-solve. No taking sides. No man-bashing. No having you walk out, feeling worse off than when you came in.

This is just me as relationship therapist, meeting you where you’re at right now, giving you the practical insights, proven tools, and step-by-step strategies you need to get where you want to go (and holding you accountable along the way). About Suntia.

you can ask me about..,

  • Rebuilding trust after emotional or physical infidelity, letting go, and learning to forgive
  • Blended families, interacting with each other’s kids, and preserving trust with ex-spouses in the picture
  • Setting healthy boundaries and clear expectations in your relationship, so you never get to worst case scenario
  • Booting baggage (abuse, abandonment, betrayal) that’s become a termite in your relationship Moving to your own soul groove while being a superstar dance partner
  • Splitting the financial, childcare and household pie, so you both feel respected and appreciated
  • Leaping from casual to committed without freaking out about how things could change
  • Fighting fair and seeking solutions together without going on the defense or playing tit-for-tat
  • Lighting a bonfire in a bedroom that feels a little brrr (no Fifty Shades of Grey required)
  • Becoming more vulnerable, open and honest in your relationship, so you can connect on a deeper level
  • Creating win-win situations instead of compromises, so you BOTH feel like you got the last word
  • Prioritizing distraction-free time together – even after kids
  • Surrendering control and learning to trust your partner with responsibility, even if you’re used to “doing it yourself if you want it done right”
  • Playing off one another’s strengths and weaknesses, so you can get more accomplished together

Couple therapy Rates:

60 minute couples counseling session – $175

Health Savings Accounts accepted.

Ready To Make
It Work?

I can give you hope and reassurance, even when you’ve lost yours.

Try one marriage counseling session – no pressure to commit.

Book your session today by filling out the contact form below or giving me a ring at 864-559-8181.


I do not accept insurance. However, you can pay for your sessions using your Health Spending Account.”

All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Health Savings Accounts are also accepted as a form of payment.

Create a list of the current challenges you’re facing and the goals you’d like to achieve during therapy. Bring this list to discuss with your therapist and arrive on time, so we can make the most of our time together.

I provide virtual coaching, tele-mental health services, and individual and couples counseling. My clients include all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

Hey, life happens! All I ask is that you call me 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment so that I can accommodate others on my wait list. I’ll do my best to reschedule you for another appointment time that’s more convenient.

Of course – love is love, and we don’t discriminate here. I also understand that due to traditional expectations of gender roles, same-sex relationships may experience specific stresses related to lacking social support and unfair prejudices, which can complicate your partnership all the more. I’m super sensitive to these issues and here to help you find resolutions and resilience together.

While I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Couples Therapist in Greenville, SC, due to different state laws and regulations, I am NOT acting as a therapist or counselor when I provide virtual coaching sessions. This means I cannot accept insurance for virtual coaching sessions. This means the nature of the work we do together is somewhat different. In-person therapy or counseling is typically long-term, focusing on introspection, deep healing, facing past trauma and becoming emotionally healthy. On the other hand, virtual coaching is usually a short-term process that focuses on clarifying goals, transforming self-destructive thoughts or behaviors, creating practical strategies and action plans for moving forward, and navigating inner and outer obstacles along the way.

Of course! You can let your heart hang out and rest assured your information and our private conversations stay between us. We are HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliant. If you want to know how we keep your medical data private and secure, feel free to ask me for more details.