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Couples Therapy in Greenville, SC



Is My Relationship Repairable? 

As a Couples Therapist, I can help you answer this question…

The struggle between the pain of staying in your relationship and anticipating the pain of leaving can be overwhelming. You want things to change…but they haven’t.

You flip flop back and forth…

On some days you feel happy and in love.

Other days you feel so miserable you want to crawl in bed and hide.

Your head feels like you are spinning in circles trying to make the best decision.

Here are some challenges you may be facing in your relationship:

  • You are your partner argue all the time. Issues never get resolved.
  • You feel like you are not important to your partner. You don’t feel heard or understood.
  • Your partner is not emotionally available to you. You feel shut out and neglected.
  • You don’t feel respected. Your partner says or does mean or abusive things to you. 
  • You have trouble trusting your partner. Your trust has been broken many times. Or perhaps, you doubt whether your partner is trustworthy.
  • Your partner has, or is currently, cheating on you. You’re not sure if the damage can be repaired.

Your Pain and Confusion Can Be Unbearable – You Want Help

You want to end the confusion and struggle.

You want to be sure you’ve tried everything you can to save your relationship. 

Most of all, you want to make the right decision.  A decision you won’t regret.

Here’s how I can help:

  • Help you get clear on what you both want from the relationship.
  • Resolve any resentment, anger or hurt feelings you have about your relationship.
  • Find healthy ways for you both to get your needs met.
  • Discover effective ways to communicate so that you both feel heard and understood.
  • Restore trust in one another.
  • Enjoy emotional and physical intimacy together.
  • Create Clear Solutions for you and your partner to improve your relationship.

  I Know It Is Hard For You Right Now

And even if you are unsure if Couples Therapy can help your relationship, just schedule one session and give it a try, you can then see for yourself how I can help. What do you have to lose? You can be at peace with yourself knowing that you did everything possible to save your relationship. 

Initial Couples Therapy Session: 90 minutes, $130

Call me now at (864) 444-3057 and we can get started with Couples Therapy.


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