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Couples and Marriage Counseling in Greenville, SC with Suntia Smith, LISW-CP

Couples Therapy in Greenville, SC 

with Suntia Smith, LISW-CP (864) 444-3057



  • Are you stressed about the problems in your relationship?
  • Do you struggle to communicate with your spouse, repeating the same frustrating cycle over and over? 
  • Is your partner a good person, but now, when you think about them you can only think of the bad things they’ve brought to your life? 
  • Have you lost the passion and emotional connection you once shared, and worry you will never find it again?

I am Suntia Smith, a Master’s qualified psychotherapist and I have the experience to help you rebuild and work out the problems in your marriage. I specialize in working with Individuals and Couples who have experienced conflict, trust issues or infidelity in their relationship, yet still love their partner and want to stay together. Clients I work with receive the benefits of my leading edge therapy techniques that rapidly produce results in just a few sessions. 

Marriage Counseling is unlike traditional therapy. Couples often call me when emotions have escalated and their relationship is in crisis. Which is why having a therapist who understands how to “move in” quickly to clarify issues and manage conflict is vital to you getting solutions.

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   The services I offer are:

  • 60-minute, Individual Session – $130
  • 60-minute, Couples Therapy Session – $130
  • 4-session module, Comprehensive Couples Assessment – $575

If you have any questions, or perhaps are in need of a more customized service, call me at (864) 444-3057 and I’ll be happy to help.

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I will teach you and your spouse how to work through your differences, enhance your closeness and strengthen your marriage. 

Benefits of Therapy Are: 

  • Learn to manage conflict
  • Express needs and emotions
  • Understand each other on a deeper level
  • Resolve anger and resentment
  • Find ways to connect and feel loved
  • Rebuild trust
  • Work through feelings of betrayal and anger
  • Improve communication leading to feeling closer and more connection
  • And most of all prevent separation or divorce

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When one partner discovers the other is having an emotional or sexual affair, the impact can be devastating. 

And right now you maybe asking yourself:

  • Should I leave or stay?
  • Will they do it again?
  • Why was I not enough?
  • Is it possible to re-build my trust?

If you need some support in finding the answers to these questions – you can click here to schedule an Individual Therapy Appointment. Sometimes you need time to process your feelings and thoughts about your relationship before entering into Couples Therapy and that’s okay. 

Even when couples feel hopeless and cannot see any positive path ahead, I offer reassuring and practical solutions. Having a marriage after infidelity is possible with the right support and tools. 



The Comprehensive Couples Assessment is a 4-session  module that is completed within 1-2 weeks depending on your availability. The Comprehensive Couples Assessment is designed to provide couples with fast, specific therapeutic feedback and solutions.  If you and your partner will need more than one Couples Therapy Session, this module saves you time and money. The Comprehensive Couples Assessment is for clients of all ages and backgrounds (LGBTQ included).

The process for the  “Comprehensive Couples Assessment” is:

  • You and your spouse together for the first visit (60 minute session)
  • Each partner individually (60 minute session)
  • Then together again on the fourth visit (60 minute session)

 In the fourth session I will provide the “BluePrint for Change” which includes:

  • Detailed feedback on the challenges in your relationship
  • Specific solutions to the problems in your relationship 
  • Individualized goals to rebuild your relationship  
  • Two Exercises that are proven to “jumpstart” your connection and communication

After the Comprehensive Couples Assessment, you and your partner have the choice to continue in Couples Therapy or implement my solutions and feedback on your own. 

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