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  • why you're attracting mr. wrong thumbnail

    Why You’re Attracting Mr. Wrong

    After being in relationships that left you heartbroken, you may ask yourself “Why is it that I always seem to attract men who are bad for me?” or “Why I am not smart enough to realize when someone is bad for me?” As a relationship therapist …

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  • relationship advice

    Never Say Never Until You Mean It

    My all-time favorite things to say after a breakup: “I’ll never be in a relationship with a guy like him again.” “I’ll never allow someone to treat me like that.” “I’ll never fall in love with someone who doesn’t deserve me.”.” Add yours here: “I’ll …

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  • relationship advice for women

    Sex With An Ex: Right or Wrong?

    You have probably been warn against having sex with an ex. But there are times when it becomes so tempting to sleep with your ex. Have you been through this stage? In today’s video, I will be answering a question from one of our readers. …

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  • Should I Stay Or Should I Go Thumbnail

    Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    The struggle between the pain of staying in your relationship and anticipating the pain of leaving can make you feel crazy. You flip flop back and forth…feeling happy and in love some days and on others, so miserable you want to crawl in bed and …

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  • dating after a breakup

    How Do You Know You’re Ready for Dating After a Breakup?

    A painful breakup isn’t easy to shake. Yet friends and family may be urging you to get back out there and have a social life, “Get out there and go on a date!” But you are leery about exploring a new relationship. It’s understandable, you …

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