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Couples and Marriage Counseling in Greenville, SC with Suntia Smith, LISW-CP

Couples and Marriage Counseling in Greenville, SC with Suntia Smith, LISW-CP (864) 444-3057


Is your marriage or long-term relationship in danger? 

If You Still Love Each Other,

I Will Help You Work It Out. 

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  • Do you struggle to communicate with your spouse, repeating the same frustrating cycle over and over? 
  • Is your partner a good person, but now, when you think about them you can only think of the bad things they’ve brought to your life? 
  • Have you lost the passion and emotional connection you once shared, and worry you will never find it again?
  • Are you having sleepless nights worrying whether or not your marriage or relationship will make it? 


IMG_2134-Edit-LHello, My name is Suntia Smith, and I’m a Licensed Therapist who provides Couples and Marriage Counseling in Greenville, SC. I work with Couples who are are going through difficult times in their relationship due to infidelity, financial problems or trust issues and want to save their marriage.

What separates my services from another therapist is that I ONLY work with couples and I ONLY specialize in saving marriages, nothing else. Because of this my clients, receive proven, undiluted, and extremely specific step-by-step solutions on exactly what they need to do to improve their relationship.

As a result, couples who work with me rebuild their marriages, in record time, and feel more connected than they would on their own. If your relationship is in crisis, I would first like to meet with you and your partner and clarify what your issues are. By managing the conflict, and mediating a real conversation, we can start to make rapid progress in 4-sessions.

You have my guarantee that using my “Comprehensive Couples Assessment” you will have solutions to change your relationship, and start creating a secure and fulfilling future with your partner – in just 4-sessions.

Whether you need marriage counseling due to infidelity, or couples therapy to work out some challenges in your relationship, I’m here to help.

 Even if you can’t trust your partner right now …Saving your Marriage is Possible. All you have to do is call me to schedule your appointment and I will take the stress away from you of trying to figure out what you should do next. I know how to save your marriage – just allow me to help you. 

Below are some of my services, but if you have any questions, or perhaps are in need of a more specialized service, call me now at (864) 444-3057 and I’ll be happy to help.


My specialty is helping couples who are facing challenges such as:

  • Infidelity 
  • Financial problems
  • Trust issues

I will show you and your spouse how to work through your differences, enhance your closeness and strengthen your marriage. The benefit of marriage counseling is that you will learn how to restore the love, trust and commitment you once enjoyed and prevent separation or divorce.

You have my commitment to be there every step of the way with you and your partner to ensure positive change.

Therapy goals include: 

  • Learn to manage conflict
  • Express needs and emotions
  • Understand each other on a deeper level
  • Resolve anger and resentment
  • Find ways to connect and feel loved
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Working through feelings of betrayal and anger
  • Improve communication leading to feeling closer and more connection


When one partner discovers the other is having an emotional or sexual affair, the impact can be devastating. I define an affair as a secret action that violated the commitment of your marriage.

I talk about Infidelity specifically because when a partner cheats it has the potential to destroy the other partner and the relationship. And I want you to know that if you want to work it out, your relationship can survive infidelity. When I talk with many people on the phone they have questions of what is the difference between a emotional and sexual affair.  So I have included some examples below.

Examples of a Sexual Affair are:

  • Intercourse with someone other than your partner
  • Oral Sex with someone other than your partner
  • Touching and Kissing someone other than your partner

Examples of an Emotional Affair are: 

  • Text messages or phone calls with a co-worker that are not pertaining to business  
  • Continuous lunch breaks where your partner and a co-worker are alone
  • Secret Facebook Messages/Chats

Right now you have a lot of decisions to make about your relationship and you don’t know what to doYou maybe asking yourself:

  • Should I leave or stay?
  • Will they do it again?
  • Why was I not enough?
  • Is it possible to re-build my trust?

If you need some help answering these questions – just call me at (864) 444-3057 and we can schedule you an Individual appointment. In the individual session I will answer all of your questions and we will work through your emotions about your relationship. If you first want to start with you and your partner in Couples Therapy, no problem, we can get started as soon as possible.  

Even when couples feel hopeless and cannot see any positive path ahead, I offer reassuring and practical solutions. I have helped countless couples overcome the devastating effects of an affair and save their marriage. Having a marriage after infidelity is possible with the right support and tools. 



This is a  4-session module where I see:

  • You and your spouse together for the first visit (60 minute session)
  • Each partner individually (60 minute session)
  • Then together again on the fourth visit (60 minute session)

I recommend the “Comprehensive Couples Assessment” is done in one week so you start seeing results as soon as possible. In the fourth session I will provide the “BluePrint for Change” which includes:

  • Detailed feedback on the challenges in your marriage
  • Specific solutions to the problems in your marriage (so you leave with immediate solutions!)
  • Individualized goals that will need to be accomplish to rebuild your marriage  
  • Recommendations for the number of couples therapy sessions needed to save your marriage
  • Two Exercises that are proven to “jumpstart” your connection and communication

Helping couples save their marriage is what I do and what I love.    

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If you are ready to Save your Marriage, Call me Today.

Suntia Smith, MSW, LISW-CP

33 Market Point Drive Greenville, SC 29607

(864) 444-3057