No one can do what you were born to do…it’s impossible

I see so many beautiful, talented women who are spending all their energy trying to be someone else. They are afraid they aren’t enough on their own, so they try to change their appearance to look like a model or superstar. They try to hide the very characteristics that makes them unique.  So, it’s time … Continue reading “No one can do what you were born to do…it’s impossible”

The Secret to Being Successful

It would be great if we could envision the life we want today and tomorrow it becomes a reality. But life does not work that way. If we want a successful life, we have to put in the time and effort. The following are my four P’s of success, and they are powerfully vital to … Continue reading “The Secret to Being Successful”

Be the Best You Without Him

Vanessa’s phone rang and rang – it went to voicemail, again. “Hey girl, call me back. The art festival is today, it’s gorgeous out and I haven’t seen you forever.” I hung up the call, frustrated and concerned. Vanessa and Tiffany had been friends since junior high. Vanessa was a talented artist and loved funky … Continue reading “Be the Best You Without Him”

Why You’re Attracting Mr. Wrong

After being in relationships that left you heartbroken, you may ask yourself “Why is it that I always seem to attract men who are bad for me?” or “Why I am not smart enough to realize when someone is bad for me?” As a relationship therapist and coach, I don’t think “being smart” has anything to … Continue reading “Why You’re Attracting Mr. Wrong”

Top 5 Mistakes Women Make in Relationships

Tiffany couldn’t believe it. She was being stood up again. What was worse, she had canceled plans with her friends in order to be available for Derrick. Now he was nearly an hour late and wouldn’t return any of her text messages. Tiffany’s friends had been telling her for quite a while that she could … Continue reading “Top 5 Mistakes Women Make in Relationships”

He Broke Your Heart…Not Your Spirit

Wanda’s alarm jolted her awake. She stretched out in bed and gathered her thoughts. Suddenly, the pain came crashing back. It wasn’t a bad dream, he really had ended it. She loved him so much, she was certain he was the man of her dreams, and now it was over. She buried her head in … Continue reading “He Broke Your Heart…Not Your Spirit”

The Best He Ever Had

As a relationship counselor and coach, I hear the pain and lost hope of women after a breakup. They are heartbroken, they loved him, and they gave him their all. They are shocked that he would change suddenly, end the relationship or worse, cheat on them. Through the pain and tears, they can’t see the … Continue reading “The Best He Ever Had”