With the New Year comes new aspirations, the revival of past goals and the rebirth of dreams that we may have left behind in years previous. Whether we lacked the financial resources to pursue that dream, were too busy or thought that our dream was downright ridiculous, the good news is that it’s never too late to pursue it. All it takes is taking that first step.

Why The First Step Is The Hardest

For many women, taking that first step is equivalent to stepping into oblivion. We have no idea what to expect, how far we may possibly fall, and we especially don’t want to deal with failure. This becomes even more difficult with each passing year as we may have left dreams and goals unfulfilled in the past and feel as if we are “doomed to fail”.

Here’s the good news: with each failure, big and small, we become stronger and wiser. The trick is to use the knowledge and power that comes from our mistakes to make our dreams come true. There are steps that you can take to build even more confidence in yourself and your dream, and fortunately it starts with YOU simply allowing yourself to try.

1. Indulge Your Dreams

We’ve all heard the expression “dare to dream”, but a lot of women don’t even allow themselves to get to that point. Whether it’s their busy lifestyle or negative self talk getting in the way, many women have completely given up on even attempting to think about what it is they really want from life.

  • Step back and acknowledge what it is you long for
  • Visualize yourself in that dream
  • Keep a journal to stay on track
  • Give your dream a voice

Say it out loud and share your dream with a supportive and non-judgmental friend. That dream that you’ve mulled over for weeks, months or even years in your mind will transform itself into a powerful release once given a voice.

2. Create Stepping Stones

The most daunting part of fulfilling a dream is the journey that you must take to get there. Break that journey into manageable bite sized chunks. Focus on what it is that you can do today to make your dream happen and follow a path of small stepping stones that lead to your ultimate dream. This can be as simple as tucking $1 a day into a jar to save up for that exotic getaway or calling a trusted friend and asking some hard questions. Not only will your dream become easier, but with each small success and each step closer, you’ll build the courage and momentum necessary to achieve it.

follow your dream

3. Be Grateful for the Journey

Those who are the most successful in following their dreams are those who are excited and grateful for the opportunity to partake in the adventure. Challenges will come and obstacles will arise, but take it all in stride and enjoy the ride. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such a strong community of intelligent and supportive women, many of whom have helped me find my direction and find my voice. As we move onward into 2015 I hope that together we will give ourselves permission to explore what it is we really want from this life, continue to build one another up and make our dreams a reality.

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Dreams are our motivation for the future,