Single Woman’s Wake-Up Call


Why settle for less when you can have more?

That’s the question that was on the tip of my heart when I found myself in a relationship poisoned by disrespect, disregard and dishonesty. Only after I walked away was I able to heal the most important relationship I had with anyone: The one I had with myself.




The truth is:

  • Too many women settle for so-so relationships and lackluster sex to avoid being alone.
  • Too many women settle for uninspiring careers and stunted earning potential to avoid failure.
  • And too many women become complacent, accepting a lifetime sentence of mediocrity because they don’t believe in their own capabilities or worth.

If that sounds like you, then consider this your wake-up call! It’s time to grab the life you want by the lapels and pull it in for a sultry French kiss. No more waiting for permission. No more wishing on a star.

In this single woman’s guidebook, I share my 10 secrets for letting go of a broken past and creating a successful future.

Packed with real life experience, blog commentaries, nuggets of coaching wisdom and reflection exercises, you’ll be
taken on an eye-opening ride of self-discovery that shows you how to finally become CEO of your life.