Finding Your Way


Each week, we’ll be doing a weekly round-up of the posts that were most popular on my Facebook Page.  I share about a variety of topics on Facebook and thought it would be helpful to have a round-up of them here each week in case you missed one.

Got an article you’d like to recommend for my round-up? Feel free to let me know.

Here are the top three articles of the week:

    1. Every ending is truly the chance for a new beginning. While breaking up is never fun, it really can be an opportunity to learn and grow.

5 Things You Need to Tell Yourself After a Painful Breakup

    1. Here is a short quiz that you can take to find out if you are emotionally healthy enough for a relationship. Want help with the results of the quiz? Then, let’s talk!

Quiz: Are You Emotionally Healthy Enough For A Relationship?

    1. Do you encounter sexism at work? Find a group of like minded women and strategize ways to fight it together!

How To Fight Subtle Sexism At Work Like A (Lady) Boss

    1. Are you ready to harness your inner strength to really, truly look at who you are, your patterns, your past and admit that you want more? Then this blog post is for YOU!

Wake Up And Stop Settling

I’d love to hear which articles you liked the best and why. Drop me a line in the comments below.