Finding Value

Happy Weekend! Thanks for joining me for this week’s weekly round-up. The theme this week is about finding value. Finding value in your relationships with your kids, your partner and yourself. Take these few moments for yourself and think about all the things you find value in.

  1. Teens value authenticity. These are good talks to have with your teen but make them authentic and help your teen to feel like you trust their ability to make good decisions.The 11 Most Important Pep Talks To Have With Your Teen
  2. Parenting can take it’s toll on a marriage – especially for new parents. Being aware of the challenges that parenting can bring to a relationship is a good place to start.The Marriage Challenge: The Struggle to Be a Healthy Parent and Partner at the Same Time
  3. Embrace your defeats so that you can truly understand how strong you are, what defines you and that you are able to survive whatever life throws at you.

Until next week,