How to Have a Memorable First Date

So you’re going out with this guy on your first date. Feeling nervous? Well don’t be. You probably have these questions on your head: What should I talk about? Should I let him kiss me? What movie should we watch? First dates can be awkward, or fun. The key to having a great first date is creating a shared experience. If you want to make your date memorable, I have 5 first date tips for you to make this happen.

Turn off your phone. When you’re on a date, it’s rude when you’re checking your Facebook or tweeting while your date is trying to talk to you. So no matter how much you want to update your Facebook status, post a photo of what you’re having for dessert on Instagram, or tweet about your date, show him that you’re having a great time by giving him your undivided attention.

Dress smart. As women, we always want to look our best most especially when we go out on dates. First impressions do matter. But keep in mind that you also have to be comfortable in whatever you’re wearing on your date. If you’re going to the beach, heels would not be appropriate. Select an outfit that makes you feel beautiful without revealing too much skin.

Be an active listener. Men usually can’t tolerate mindless chatter. Make sure that you don’t keep on rambling about your co-workers, neighbours, friends, or talk about something you have read on a gossip site, or worse, talk about your ex-boyfriends. When the guy talks, show your interest by listening to him. The conversation should not always be about you.

Be decisive. The first date is part of the “getting to know” stage of a relationship. You may not know much about your date and vice versa. Therefore, when he asks you to make a decision show him that you are decisive and you know what you want. Not only will this impress your date, the awkward moments will be decreased or even disappear.

Be yourself – nothing more, nothing less. The most common mistake of many when it comes to the first date is that they aim to impress and forget about themselves in the process. You see, it is useless to get your date impressed with you if you are not showing your true self. Remember that the first date can be the foundation of your relationship. If, at this point, you cannot be true to your date then the entire relationship will be built in fake grounds.

I hope these tips will help you have an amazing first date. Now I want to hear from you. Tell us about the best first date you’ve had. What did you like about that particular first date?

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  • El Michelle

    Ugh, the 5th tip could not be ANY more accurate. 🙂 People get so caught up in trying to be who they THINK this other person wants, that if/when things do move forward (on those false pretenses, of course) and their REAL self comes out, the other person is like, “Who the heck is THIS?!”…horrible. It’s like going to bed with a woman who had on a full face of makeup and then you wake up and you literally have NO idea who this person is! LoL! Thanks for the tips!

    • Thanks so much for sharing…you are absolutely right!

  • Cristina Rosa

    For me no1 is the essential one. How are you going to talk to someone if your mobile is constantly going off… Turn it off and actually talk to the person you’re with!