Social media, the internet and entertainment news are constantly announcing the latest celebrity breakups. I know you see the latest beautiful couple splashed across the pages of a magazine with “The shocking truth behind the split” headline, I and you may think if she can’t keep her man, how in the world would I be able to?

Weren’t she thin enough? Rich enough? Pretty enough?

And yes she was – all those things and more. The real truth behind those breakups is they aren’t allowed to be real people. Every move, every unflattering photo and bit of gossip is broadcast across the world. They have no privacy – every bad hair day, bit of cellulite, or minor meltdown after a bad day – it’s all recorded.

Imagine the stress to always look perfect and magazine cover ready. Or try to trust your equally famous partner on a movie shoot with another starlet half way around the world.

A healthy, lasting relationship is one based on two people who are genuine and authentic with each other. This is not to say there aren’t some long lasting celebrity relationships. Those that do thrive are couples who value their privacy and understand that characteristics such as honesty, integrity and commitment are more valuable than a garage full of luxury cars or a walk-in closet full of designer shoes. You can be rocking the tightest body, driving the sweetest ride or dripping in diamonds, but that’s no guarantee your love will last.

As you consider your ideal man, don’t look to the pages of the latest People or Essence magazine. A new Beemer, six pack or six figures isn’t a guarantee that he’ll treat you with kindness, respect and honesty.

Taking the time to set your own ground rules is the key to establishing a lasting relationship. If honesty and respect are important (and they should be), don’t bend the rules if you catch him cheating with another woman or sneaking off to talk on the phone.

You can still look hot, drive a nice car or bling it out. Unless you have a firm foundation of honesty, respect, and mutual trust, don’t be surprised if you suddenly discover your own shocking truth behind your latest breakup.

Over to you

I would love to hear your thoughts, what do you think the truth is behind celebrity breakups? Money or monogamy?