It can be extremely hard to read a man’s body language. Did you know that the average man uses 13,000 less words than women per day? Women talk more than men. So how do you know if a man is sincere or not? How do you know if a man you just met doesn’t want any strings attached?

Below are the most common body gestures, displayed by men, and what they mean. Keep in mind that sometimes there is an exception to the rule so don’t make any major changes in your relationship before talking with a counselor or coach!

Okay, let’s jump right in to the most common body gestures and what these mean.

The half-smile.  Do you ever wonder why a man half smiles? There is a good chance that this type of guy is not being sincere and doesn’t want a serious relationship. Body language expert Patti Wood says that a sneerlike grin indicates that he is not being sincere with you. Each side of a guy’s face is telling a different story.

He touches the pockets of his jeans. If he keeps on touching the front pockets of his jeans or even his belt, he is trying to draw your attention to his assets.

He gives you that long gaze. Who doesn’t want that loooong gaze from a man? Yes he could be smitten, but be careful if he’s doing this for longer than five seconds. If he does that intense eye contact, he could be using that to seduce you to get you into bed.

He has that devilish smirk. If you notice this, it means the guy loves a challenge. He prefers that you challenge him, so if you play hard to get, getting to know him would be a fun process.

He leans back with his arms crossed. If you are on a first date and the weather happens to be really nice, and your date leans back with his arms crossed, it could mean that he’s not into you. But watch out for consistency between his gesture and verbal communication. If he does this, but tells you that he’s having a great time, and then looks at the door or somewhere else while you’re talking, then these are all bad signs. That just means that his actions match his words.

How to know if the smile is fake. If  you start asking him about his ex, if he is divorced or separated, and  he suddenly starts looking away, touches his knee, scratches his neck, and he smiles, all at the same time, then these are danger signals! The fake smile ends at the lips. A real smile will make the corners of your eyes crinkle and this is very difficult to fake.

Check out his feet. Behaviour experts say that you can tell if a man’s interested in you based on his feet. The body points to where it wants to go. So if his feet face you, then girl he’s all yours. But if they are angled toward the door, on his mind he wants to get out. Also, if he stands or sits with his toes pointed toward each other, this is a sign he’s unsure. He needs reassurance that you’re interested in him. However, don’t hold this against him if he is pigeon toed!

He can’t sit still. If he constantly rubs his neck, nose, or touches his eyes, they could mean that he’s uncomfortable.

Extending his palm. If he offers his palm face up, it means he’s reaching out to you and attempting to make a deeper connection. He’s definitely in to you.

He leans his head toward yours. It shows that he is very much comfortable with you.

Now I want to hear from you. What type of gestures have you observed? Share with us in the comments below so we can decipher the meaning of his actions together.