Smile, Laugh & Stay Strong

Happy weekend to you my friends! I hope the summer is treating you well so far with plenty of fun and ice cream. It’s a great time to remember to smile, laugh and stay strong. You’ve got this! Enjoy the weekly round-up and the rest of your weekend.




1. Many of you had or have great dads who have been there for you throughout your life. For others though, there may be no father in their lives. If you’ve seen the blockbuster movie Wonder Woman, then you may find this article interesting about the theme of empowered women without fathers. Read more: The Empowering Fatherlessness Of Wonder Woman

2. Be strong, be genuine, be authentic. If it intimidates others, that’s their problem, not yours. smile laugh stay strong

3. The couple that can laugh together…Read More: 21 Spot-On Tweets About Married Life That Hit Close To Home