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Peace Over Perfection: The Inspiration

“I’m pushing myself for more, but the more I give the more I am losing myself.” When I look back at these words, I can still feel my own brokenness and exhaustion. Yes, it was more than five years ago, and yes, a lot has changed in my life since then. But I know so well the pain I was […]


Smile, Laugh & Stay Strong

Happy weekend to you my friends! I hope the summer is treating you well so far with plenty of fun and ice cream. It’s a great time to remember to smile, laugh and stay strong. You’ve got this! Enjoy the weekly round-up and the rest of your weekend.     1. Many of you had or have great dads who […]


Finding Value

Happy Weekend! Thanks for joining me for this week’s weekly round-up. The theme this week is about finding value. Finding value in your relationships with your kids, your partner and yourself. Take these few moments for yourself and think about all the things you find value in. Teens value authenticity. These are good talks to have with your teen but […]