What Dreams Tell Us

I believe in the power of dreams. Dreams are internal signals, guiding us in the right direction. They are spotlights, beacons, and big, bold this-is-a-bad-idea warnings. They are answers to the questions we didn’t we knew we had. Yes, I am a dreams girl, and when I have a dream with a strong message, I … Continue reading “What Dreams Tell Us”

Trust Your Heart

Trust your heart. When your heart has been broken or shattered by a cheating spouse or boyfriend, it can be hard to trust your instincts and know what to do next. You might feel compelled to make a decision that you’re not ready to make. Trust that you have the answers you need to make … Continue reading “Trust Your Heart”

Letting Go Can Be Hard But Worth It

Letting go can be hard. It can mean uncertainty and cause us to feel anxious about what the future might hold. But it’s important to realize that when we say goodbye to people or things in our life that don’t serve us well, then we open ourselves up to new opportunities. We make space for … Continue reading “Letting Go Can Be Hard But Worth It”

Brave and Strong

Loving someone means you become vulnerable to also being hurt but we take that chance on love anyway. And that takes bravery. Finding out you’ve been cheated can shatter your whole world but that’s when it’s most important to remember how brave AND strong you are. You will survive it. (For more tips on how … Continue reading “Brave and Strong”

Leaving Your Relational Baggage At the Door

We are collectors. Throughout our lives, we collect opinions, passions, memories and insights. We internalize these collections and they become a part of how we act and react, what we say and how we say it, and the decisions we make. By the time we are adults, we have collected decades’ worth of life-changing experiences. … Continue reading “Leaving Your Relational Baggage At the Door”

Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Accepting yourself for who you are and loving yourself unconditionally are among the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Allow yourself to be just who you were meant to be! 

The Art of Letting Go: Balance

Veni, vidi, vici. I came, I saw, I conquered. As I write the final piece in my series on The Art of Letting Go, that’s what my mind keeps going back to: You came, you read and with hope, you are conquering. It’s empowering for me to think about all the successes you will have … Continue reading “The Art of Letting Go: Balance”

The Art of Letting Go: Acceptance

You’ve heard it before: The truth will set you free. In life, dishonesty is not just about the little white lies we tell to our friends (“No, really, you look great in that dress!”) or co-workers (“I’m definitely not looking for a new job. I love it here.”). Dishonesty is also the little white lies … Continue reading “The Art of Letting Go: Acceptance”

The Art of Letting Go: Forgiveness

We all have regrets: I should have quit my job years ago… I would be so much more successful if my parents were supportive of me… I could be happily married by now if I’d broken up with him years ago. Do any of those sound familiar? During the process of letting go, you have … Continue reading “The Art of Letting Go: Forgiveness”