Overcoming A Broken Relationship

Brave and Strong

Loving someone means you become vulnerable to also being hurt but we take that chance on love anyway. And that takes bravery. Finding out you’ve been cheated can shatter your whole world but that’s when it’s most important to remember how brave AND strong you are. You will survive it. (For more tips on how to get over a cheating […]


Breakup to Breakthrough

Every week I hear from a broken-hearted woman struggling after a breakup. The man she loved, the one she thought was THE one cheated on her. It breaks my heart to hear the pain and sadness behind her words. “Why me? Was I not enough? I loved him, how could he do this?” When you are bogged down by a […]


When Things Fall Apart

A normal, healthy girl’s grocery cart: Non-fat yogurt Box of granola Dozen eggs OJ Three bags of salad The normal, healthy girl’s grocery cart after a bad breakup: A half-gallon of Chunky Monkey ® Three boxes of Little Debbies Crowd pleaser sized bag of ruffled potato chips French onion dip Two liters of Dr. Pepper Three bottles of Chardonnay We […]