What Dreams Tell Us

I believe in the power of dreams.

Dreams are internal signals, guiding us in the right direction. They are spotlights, beacons, and big, bold this-is-a-bad-idea warnings. They are answers to the questions we didn’t we knew we had.

Yes, I am a dreams girl, and when I have a dream with a strong message, I listen.

That brings me to a recent dream. Here’s how it went down:

I am out of town for a meeting, so I am renting a house. Standing outside of this house, I notice the neighbors looking at me with confused expressions. I assume they have mistaken me for someone else. Probably the homeowners, I think. They go back to taking groceries out of their car like it’s just another day.

Soon it becomes dark. I begin searching for the keys to the house. I cannot remember where the owners said they’d leave them. There is a moment of stillness and silence, and it hits me: Did I get a confirmation for renting the house? I do not remember a confirmation email. Maybe they sent it, and I never received it. I decide to keep looking.

Eventually, I find the keys.

I walk into the house. I put my things down. And that’s when I see a dog sitting on the couch. There is a woman in the kitchen. “Oh no! I have to leave. I didn’t realize they were going to be home,” I think to myself. I gather my things and go to the door. My phone rings. It is my mother. I nearly yell, “Hey mom!” Something inside tells me to say it loudly, so the woman hears me and knows I’m leaving.

I am almost out the door when I look back and see my phone charger. I walk back to get it, and as I grab it, another woman comes to the door. She says calmly, “You were going to leave and cheat us?”

I should have left when I had the chance.

I say, “No! I am not trying to cheat you. My credit card is on file.” She goes to the kitchen to process my credit card.

I leave.

I wake up immediately with a strong sense of knowing, at the deepest level, the message I was given. I get exactly what this dream is saying to me. It is telling me that before I go into a new place or enter a new season in my life, I must have confirmation. Confirmation, affirmation or peace.

At the time, I did not have any of these, which is why I needed to have this dream.

There are so many signs in this dream that tell me to stop and turn around. The neighbors mistake me for someone else — because it isn’t my house. Still, I keep going. No confirmation email. I keep going. I cannot find the key. I keep going.

Then, seeing the dog and woman inside, I finally realize I am not where I am suppose to be. I need to go. As I’m leaving, I get a phone call from my mom, who is physically deceased. She makes sure I know it’s urgent that I leave. Still, I go back to get my phone charger.

That’s when I’m confronted.

You see, even if the house isn’t ours and we open the door and walk in, we are investing in something and/or someone that isn’t meant for us. And if we don’t realize we must leave in time, if we don’t pay attention to the signs, we are going to be held accountable for our choices.

I know there is a lot of symbolism going on — but aren’t our lives representations of who we are? I believe our dreams are how our higher power connects to our personal lives and gives us answers to make responsible choices. These choices align with our intentions for ourselves, our families and our careers.

I don’t know about you, but I find this type of wisdom priceless.

There are so many times in our lives when we continue down paths despite warning signs. Maybe it’s a relationship. Maybe it’s a career or business opportunity. Maybe it’s a friend group or a living situation. We make a decision or we have pursued something that, on the surface, seems right. However, signs of caution continue to pop up. We don’t take those signs seriously, or we think, “Well, I’m here so it must be okay! I should keep going.” And we face the consequences for not being aware of the warnings.

The big take away from my dream is: Don’t ignore those signs telling you that the path you are embarking on is not the path designed for you.

These signals come in many different forms. Mine, yes, was a dream. For you, it could be intuition, a feeling of unease or even a piece of advice that resonates from a trusted friend.

In this moment, if something is telling you that you are on the wrong path, listen to your intuition and don’t look back. Don’t turn around to grab something (i.e. staying in a relationship that is draining your energy until your partner understands why the relationship is not right for you any longer). Even if it seems necessary, even if they don’t understand, save yourself and go.

I have so much gratitude for God, the Universe and my guides for sending me this dream. I was in a space in my life where I was like many of you. I was in an “I have to DO something right now!” mindset. It wasn’t making me happy, but I felt like, “I’m here, so maybe it’s the right thing.” It wasn’t the right thing, and deep down, I knew it. It just took a dream to make me realize again what I already knew deep inside: that whatever makes my heart jump for joy shall come to me, and I never have to settle.

See, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living, we all need guidance and reassurance to own our truth and our path.

This dream was my urgent alarm. It was my intuition speaking when it knew I was quiet enough to listen. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for my own personal alarm system. I was about to make a choice that didn’t align with who I am and what I want. Now I feel a sense of freedom, gratitude and peace as I look forward.

Are you seeing warning signs but not sure how to turnaround? If you need support as you transition from a difficult situation and find the right path, you can contact me at (864) 559-8181 to schedule an appointment.