The Art of Letting Go: Awareness

Have you thought a little bit about your life? What you want, what you need? Who you wish to be? If you are just joining us, you probably haven’t given those questions much thought. This is part two of my five-part series on The Art of Letting Go. If you have not done so, visit … Continue reading “The Art of Letting Go: Awareness”

The Art of Letting Go: Reflection

Maybe it’s work. You loathe the idea of walking into the office each morning, you can’t stand your boss and the job is beyond boring. Or maybe it is your partner. You are constantly worried about saying the wrong thing or you have just grown so tired of being criticized. The emotional intimacy is disappearing … Continue reading “The Art of Letting Go: Reflection”

The Best He Ever Had

As a relationship counselor and coach, I hear the pain and lost hope of women after a breakup. They are heartbroken, they loved him, and they gave him their all. They are shocked that he would change suddenly, end the relationship or worse, cheat on them. Through the pain and tears, they can’t see the … Continue reading “The Best He Ever Had”