couples counseling

Couples Therapy with Suntia

You need help. Someone to mediate. Someone to translate. Someone to help you explore how things went wrong in your relationship — and how things can go right once again through couples therapy. However, you are anxious about putting your time, emotional energy and the future of your slowly crumbling relationship into someone else’s hands. I get it. Which is […]


5 “Must Have” Conversations with your Partner

In the earliest days of a romantic relationship, you can’t get enough of each other. You want to know everything—who, what, where and how—and you want to know it now. Your infatuation infiltrates your mind and your mutual desire to connect on every level envelopes every moment. As your relationship blossoms and you begin to consider building a life together, […]


Being Fearless to Follow Your Dreams

With the New Year comes new aspirations, the revival of past goals and the rebirth of dreams that we may have left behind in years previous. Whether we lacked the financial resources to pursue that dream, were too busy or thought that our dream was downright ridiculous, the good news is that it’s never too late to pursue it. All […]