relationship tips for women

How Therapy Can Help You Break Free from Toxic Relationships Cycles

Toxic relationships cycles are happening again. Like it did the last time, and the time before. You continue to find yourself in the same frustrating, messy, heartbreaking spot as you always do. Relationship after relationship, it’s always the same: You end up hurt, unhappy or alone. You have suffered enough. It is time you take back your life from the […]


Do You Deserve Better?

When you’re happy and your needs are being met, you feel content, fulfilled and secure in your relationship. But if your mind starts to wander and think about if you deserve better than what you’re getting, then it likely means that you do deserve better. Your needs matter. Your partner’s needs matter too. If you feel like your needs aren’t […]


Are You Trying to be a Superwoman?

The fast-paced world of today has placed a growing amount of pressure and expectations on many women, from being a perfect mother and wife to excelling in her job to keeping a clean and tidy home. Some women have rejected taking the responsibilities solely upon themselves and reach out for help from others. Other women have “accepted the challenge” of […]