Ah… relationships. At times they give you a piece of heaven and sadly, there are times when they make you doubt if happiness is even possible. The pain can be unbearable when someone you love walks away from you or when due to unacceptable behaviours, by your partner, you are forced to walk away. After the breakup it can feel as if you are on an emotional rollercoaster. One day you are fine and the next day you can’t stop crying. You maybe constantly trying to figure out what went wrong or will you ever get over the pain you are feeling. And I want to let you know:

In Time….

  1. You will know EXACTLY what went wrong
  2. Your broken heart will HEAL

When we take the time to heal our eyes begin to open to the things within ourselves that need to change. For example, maybe because of your insecurities, you chose not to address the red flags in your relationship. Or maybe you heard your biological clock ticking and you rush into a relationship with “a man” instead of waiting on the “right man.” But as Maya Angelou stated “When you know better you do better.” And that’s the value in a failed relationship, it causes us to stop, take a deep breath and think about the gap between where we are and where we want to be.

But let my journey be proof that you can overcome your pain and create the life you were MEANT to LIVE! A life full of happiness, love and success.

Because what I know for sure is “He broke your heart but what he can’t break is your SPIRIT.” Your spirit – that strong, confident, and courageous woman is still on the inside of you. And little by little…tear after tear…laughter after smile, you will start to see the REAL you shining bright.

And finally you will see…You are BIGGER than your breakup.